Anyone have this?

  1. And what do you think about it? Large or small? Quality of the leather? It's color (gasp...I've never done white!). Recommend it or not? TIA!!


  2. colourwise you cannot win,sorry:nogood: other than that,it's a gorgeous bag:okay:
  3. Don't care for the canvas strap. But, it is a gorgeous bag.
  4. I don't have that specific white bag but I have another Prada in white that I agonized over before I bought it and I just love it! I feel so "happy" with it in spring and summer. I've even worn it twice this winter with winter-whites.

    I'm not sure but I think another member here does have that exact bag in tan or camel, maybe? Is it "Alouette?" Hopefully she can chime in! (My apologies if it wasn't Alouette!)
  5. I seriously thought about getting that one when I saw it on BF because I like how the edging gives definition to the shape. The strap bugged me a bit but ... I do like the look of it. If it's BF you can send it back if you don't like it so ... that's something to consider too. Easier to tell how you feel when it's in your house, on your shoulder.
  6. I would say its too small but if you're looking for a small bag then its cute. I wouldn't choose white for that style, I would want something colorful (nylon I guess). Not sure how I'd use it though, its leather with a canvas strap..and white! Quality of leather will be good, whether or not you want that style, color, and size is up to you:smile:
  7. The strap really bugs me on this bag. I love the look of the bag, but why the heck would they stick a random strap instead of a leather one on it??

  8. Better profit margin, of course.... ;)
  9. Maybe because they know a white leather strap would get disgustingly dirty immediately, and the canvas gives it a bit more life? Not that you see them making many decisions for that reason but ... I think the shoulder strap looks like an afterthought.
    I find e/w bags bang on the hip alot anyway -- so you'd probably hand carry it more, anyway.