Anyone have this Winter 2012 Trapeze?

  1. I'm looking for any real-life photos of this trapeze. Does anyone have it? Thank you in advance!! =)
  2. I'm interested to know what size is this? Sorry I don't have this but contemplating on buying :smile:
  3. I just saw a new stock of trapeze came in at Holt Renfrew today. Can't remember the colour tho. It's gorgeous but too big on me and I'm 5'4.
  4. My SA sent me a picture of the Trapeze this morning -- PM me with your e-mail so I can forward it to you.
  5. here it is
    9 21 037.jpg
  6. I have this bag but with the red flap :smile: posting a pic.

  7. It's the "small" size with the shoulder strap. Not very small though! It's a great sized bag.
  8. I also got an email today from my SA With new shipments. They have the bag ur looking for in the medium & large size!!! Lemme kno & ill pm his info to u
  9. Ohhhh!! These are amazing! Thank you! Wow.. it's super beautiful!! Now to decide between the blue/white/cognac and all-tan... :graucho:
  10. Nice.. If I m not wrong, this is the latest winter collection right?!
  11. Thank you & Yes it is the winter collection and the medium size with the strap.
  12. Modelling pics please :smile: