Anyone have this wallet? Pros/Cons of it?

  1. Legacy Framed French (Purse) Wallet.

    When you fill it up (all card slots) can you still close it?
    I'm really debating on getting it to match my new Shoulder the Khaki/Ebony...found one on eBay for a good price...but still...over $150 is a lot for a wallet for me...


    I use this now, and it's pretty perfect size-wise:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. this is the one i got at the outlet (the one they're replacing for me). i tried it out and got 6 cards in there fine, plus my cash. BUT i put change in that one compartment and it barely closed...i think it can get bulky- so if you carry a ton, not a good wallet for you.
  3. I don't carry a super ton...and I usually have a wristlet with just cash/DebitCard/License in it in my bag...


    do you find the turnlock annoying to get in/out of?

    I mean - I can get this wallet off eBay for $ retails for $ this a decent price?
  4. This wallet has fewer cc slots than my last, but I just got rid of some junk and put all those store discount cards in a mini skinny and grab the skinny when I am going shopping. I have all of the cc slots full plus some extra ID cards in the pocket behind the cc card slots. Mine closes fine. I don't mind the turnlock. You need a relatively tall bag to carry it in because of the french closure. The leather on mine is like butter, I love it. So soft.
  5. sounds like a decent price- i paid $179 at the outlet.

    i actually like the turnlock a LOT- makes me feel like there's a little extra security, kwim? plus it's so darn cute...hehe.

    i would say if you fill the whole thing up with cc's, it will get bulky- but about half filled would be fine, plus cash, and a small bit of change. it would be perfect for that! (i'm actually liking that i can't fit all my crap in there like i do with my current one- gotta stop carrying all that junk with me)
  6. kallison and I posted at the same time. We both obviously have issues with junk. LOL
  7. haha! we do!

    and seems like we both put our extra junk in mini skinnies! lol!
  8. I have this...think it would fit in okay?

    Thank you ladies for your help! Very much appreciated!
  9. ^that's what i tried mine in! it fits!
  10. I can get mine in kinda small bags (legacy stripe top handle pouch and small braided soho hobo) but its tight sometimes with all of my other JUNK.
  11. I am so glad I found this thread. I just got this wallet and was thinking of taking it back. The problem I see with it is that there is not clear opening where your drivers license can go.

    Does it get annoying taking your drivers license out every time you write a check or use an atm card???
  12. ha, no! i try to hide my license (god awful picture...she told me to look one way, when she took the picture from other direction. tsk).

    i've actually never had a wallet with a clear opening for the license...hmm.
  13. My last wallet didn't have a clear window either so I was used to it. If you ever have to take your ID out of those clear things its like an act of congress to get it out. I like this much better because you can just pull it right out. I have a university ID that I have to use as much as my DL and I just whip em out.
  14. Haha. I used to hide mine too. My DL has the same pic from when I was 16 :girlsigh: because I had to renew online (I was out of state because I sold my soul and free time to college). 7 years later I look a little different.
  15. I have that wallet in khaki/ebony. I love it!

    At first, I did have to get used to its shape... if you need more room for loyalty cards and such, you could always use a mini skinny.