Anyone have this? Pros/cons?

  1. I am tossing the around the idea of getting a new wallet for my new Gucci bag. My question is should I get the mc pochette MM shown here or a matching black leather wallet for my Gucci?

    Does anyone have this and how much does it fit? I like how narrow it is. A big TIA!!!

  2. Oooo that's cute!!
  3. I had a black one. It fit a lot. I had about 15 cards, cash, and coins fit in the front pocket. If I just carry my ID and couple ccs and cash I could fit my razr in there too. I don't have it anymore because I've had a bad experience with mc. My wapity was rubbing off after a year, so I was scared this would too since I'd be using it more like a wallet it would get more beating. It's super cute though, soft too not as stiff. I had a pic of what it could fit, but I can't find the thread. You could try search for it.
  4. I :heart: it in the Black!!! I think you should get it!!
  5. I think it's cute and functional... I say go for it!
  6. Great thanks for the comments guys! Now I already have a black mc wapity. Should I get the black or white? I know a couple people think I should get black.
  7. I have a black Lodge and a white Shirley, and actually I like white, I say go for white... i think it's a darling pouch, darling.
  8. I LOVE MC in white! I vote WHITE!
  9. You should post pictures of your new Gucci bag or describe it so we can get a better idea of the whole look. But I think white is always classic and fun as a small leather good!
  10. I have it in black and use it to carry bills and gift cards. It fits a lot. I also had my credit cards,license and insurance card in the front zipper part but have since bought the pomme ludlow and I use that for my credit cards, ect. I don't put change in it because I don't want to get it dirty. What I love is that it works great in smaller bags.
    The black is really beautiful, I thought white would get messed up.
    I think you would be happy with it.
  11. I agree, a pic of your gucci may help us a little bit more. Love the white mc, but the black may look better with the bag
  12. thats cute!!!
  13. the logo rubs off on MC:shrugs: .....what do people do? does it look super bad?
  14. I think it's adorable :biggrin:
  15. I think it's so cute! Personally, I prefer the white but it depends on what your bag looks like. Do you have a pic of it?