Anyone have this problem with their Tory Burch Reva ballet flats?

  1. Well, I'm not sure if I've stretched them out or what but my black pair, which I have worn often (but are only about 9 months old), are constantly slipping off my heel. I'm seriously ready to get rid of them because it's getting annoying. Anyone else experience this after wearing them for a while? I'm not wearing them with socks or hose, so they're not slipping off for that reason.

    Anyone else having heel slippage?
  2. I have experienced some heel slippage to a certain extent as well - but I've also worn my to death so it's probably due for me to get another pair.

    Can you bring them in to a shoe repair place that you trust to add some elastic in the back (on the inside)?
  3. i just returned mine today. i did not have the heel slippage problem but i think they are the most uncomfortable shoes i have ever own.
  4. I've had my heels coming out of my Coach flats because I wore them so much they stretched out. I put Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz pads in them & now I don't have a problem (they make shoes comfy too if you have a problem with a shoe cutting into the back of your heel!).
  5. I have heel spillage too. thats why i hate wearing them. i only wore them twice. i would return it if i bought it at Nordstroms but since i bought it at the tory burch store, no can do... i saw some stuff at foot petals that uses a strap sticker so it doesnt come offf..probably try it sometime