anyone have this problem with azur?

  1. Do you think Azur matches everything, like mono does? I just haven't used my speedy yet, because everytime I go to use it for the day, I feel like it doesn't go with my clothes. I'm very casual, even for work. Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me??? I'm still deciding if I should even keep this bag!!
  2. You're right. I guess it doesn't match everything, been a while since I pulled mine out, but wore this weekend with white fluffy skirt and cream colored skull top and it was so much fun to watch people gawk at the real thing! Don't let it deter you, jeans and white tees are great with azure!
  3. hmm...i wear my azur alot. i wear it with jeans and a tshirt and stuff.
  4. i think it matches with a lot just like mono. maybe it's just me and my wardrobe cuz I have lots of hues that go well with azur's color.

    the only reason why mono matches with a lot of stuff is cuz it's basic colors and not too overwhelming and I can see that b/c azur is more lighter and somewhat brighter it can throw some outfits off.

    the thing i really love about azur is sometimes the blue squares can look blue or purple depending on my outfit...yeah, weird I know.
  5. Well I wear a lot of creams & find that the Azur is great especially for Summer
  6. i use my azur with whatever outfit i have for that day...i really don't match my bag with my shirts anyway ;) i treat it like the mono.

    mostly i match my shirt with my shoes. :smile:
  7. I think its more summer then all year. It would look better with bright pinks, greens sorts thing, buit i also think it would look great with a dark pr of jeans and a white/cream top.
  8. i think it looks great w/everything. you are probaby used to brown and need to re-adjust to azur. :smile:
  9. I think it looks great with gray, cream, white, black, almost anything. I almost think it will match more of my stuff than regular damier!
  10. I've been carrying mine everyday even if it's not a perfect match with my clothes. It looks good with anything in my opinion.
  11. I think Azur is very neutral so it should go with just about everything. Just enjoy your new bag!! :smile:
  12. I don't have any azur yet, but I could see how it would match everything. The colors are very neutral. I find that mono matches everything too. Even though it's brown, it goes well with black.
  13. I think your right...I'm so used to my mono and damier bags, its so different from them.
  14. i just bought an azur pochette recently. im just NOT in love with it at all... just not feeling it yet.
  15. Use the azur. I was a nervous a little at first but now I wear it all the time. I'm always wearing jeans so it works great with them. It also seems to be staying clean which I was very worried about.