Anyone have this MbMJ Zip Satchel?

  1. I've seen this bag in real life and it looks so nice! I love how there are separate compartments to it (two zippered compartments on the side and one magnetic buckle compartment in the middle. Plus, the hardware is so shiny!!

    Does anyone have the bag and would like to share their thoughts on it? Is this bag big enough to hold magazines/books or a folder?
  2. Can you find a picture of this bag to post? Thanks!bb
  3. i dont have that bag but its pretty much #1 on my wishlist! ive been lusting over it since it's come out! :smile:

    it comes in two sizes--the regular zip satchel size and the slim size. the zip satchel is quite large--i tried on at neiman's and it's overwhelming on my frame (i'm 5'4''). it will definitely fit a magazine/folder/etc. it reminds me alot of the blake (which is probably why i love it so much! :biggrin:) because of the separate compartments. i havent seen the slim version in real life but im on the hunt to get one. the leather is GORGEOUS irl. im obsessed with it! :smile:
  4. Oooh ... I like this one, too! Is this one still available online at NM or BG?
  5. When this style first came out I thought it was adorable in the pics but then I was underwhelmed when I saw it in real life. I personally don't like the divided pockets and prefer a squishier/softer leather. However, just YESTERDAY I saw a girl on the street with the white version of this and it looked AMAZING!!!!
  6. I don't think the Zip satchel is available anymore :sad: .. for stores in my area at least! I saw a white one a while back and I think it's so different from the typical MbMJ bags...

    Anyway, here's another one... Softy Hobo

    I've seen it on alot of sites lately, but it looks great in black IMO... any opinions?

    Someone wrote on the forum a while back about a Softy and how the handles were cracking or something? Was it this bag??
  7. oh man, that bag (the one with the 3 compartments) was on sale at eluxury 2 days ago i think. it was gone by the time i checked again yesterday.
  8. ^ really? the zip satchel you mean??! I can't believe I missed that!!!
  9. ^yeah, it was gone reallllly quick. i wonder if there were a few in stock to begin with or if a bunch of people snatched them up quickly.
  10. I bought it and returned it. Too long, and there was something tacky about it.. I can't put my finger on it. Back it went. It was on sale at Macy's. The bottom was scratched up (the leather), I think from taking it out of the case and putting it back.
  11. ^ Are you referring to the zip satchel?

    Maybe you got the larger one, that's why it's so long? How much was it on sale for?? .... Not that I can get it anyway :sad: , but just curious!