Anyone have this long strap for a pochette?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. IS it for a pochette?? That would be nice! :nuts:
  3. I do!!
  4. IMO... that 45" strap would not look good on a pochette. It was made originally for the Mini Sac HL...:flowers:
  5. i want one! for my mini HL!
    but i can't seem to locate one on ebay...
    my mini HL has a very dark patina now... so it looks downright silly on a new strap =(
  6. aww... Can't be that bad!

    Leave it in a safe place to tan a little then it will blend in with your mini sac HL. It's such an adorable look!:yes:

    OT... :heart: your Elize...:flowers:
  7. Hmm, anyone have any pics of what it looks like with the mini sac HL?
  8. I gave mine to my niece otherwise I would have had a pic...:confused1:

    It really looks adorable worn to spring/summer weddings or other functions without carrying our usual enormous bags.. Similar to your hand held clutch for the evening except with a very long over shoulder or cross the body strap.