Anyone have this in black?


Aug 1, 2006
I like both the cinnamon and the black. It depends on what you will use it for the most, and what goes better with your wardrobe. Good luck!


Shopping's My Cardio
Aug 27, 2006
I seriously thought about this bag when I first saw it a few months ago. However, I had concerns about the stitching/ruching part on the top of the bag. It did not look really secure and I can only imagine what would happen it you snagged, needless to say, I decided against the bag although it is gorgeous IRL. If you look at the pictures really closely, you can hopefully see what I am referring to.
i had the exact same concern when i saw it IRL - the stitching that is holding the ruching in place is very loose & totally exposed (picture the stitching that a tailor might use to tack pants until they do the final hem). i was actually pretty shocked by it, and almost wondered if you were supposed to pull it once you bought the bag or something, because it looked so strange. it def. turned me off the capra...