Anyone have this Gucci tote?

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  1. I am looking for a new tote bag and I have narrowed it down to the following bags:

    gucci gg plus navy tote

    louis vuitton neverfull mm damier ebene


    fendi zucca tote

    I know this is the Gucci forum...anyone have any of these bags that can weigh in...especially regarding the Gucci? I really wish the tote came in brown but I like the navy.


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  2. I have the neverfull gm. I love it. It can fit a lot. It can also be folded in the sides to make it smaller. I would pick the Louis Vuitton.
  3. I have the LV NF MM...I really like it but miss a zip top for security, the Gucci has a zipper top ...
  4. I don`t have any of these and I absolutely do not like super skinny straps on totes like the neverfull or the zucca (and I love the zucca print). So personally I would go with the gucci tote. It has a zipper top and a bit wider straps.
  5. I have the NF but I ended up buying a zipper organizer because of the lack of zipper - the gucci definitely gets a point for that. Between these I like the LV the best though- I'm a huge Damier ebene fan though. :smile:
  6. I have the LV Neverfull Damier Ebene in the MM size - I really like it however I will say I see it around town regularly which I think means the market is getting pretty saturated with that bag.
  7. i have the gucci tote (smaller version). the handles are VERY sturdy and the leather hasnt cracked for me, unlike what ive seen on the NF. and ive had my tote for a few years. and i also believe the tote does come in brown.
  8. Definitely go with the zippered gucci---
  9. I have this bag...bought by my father....but my sister took it from me when she learned that i bought a new was really nice and water resistant!
  10. The gucci tote...
  11. I have the Neverfull GM but in Azur and 2 Gucci totes (not the one pictured). Love them all. Like the added security of being able to close my 1 Gucci bag. Quality on the Gucci and the LV are comparable IMO. It is a tough decision and I'm really no help. But maybe go with the Gucci.
  12. No. I do like this style but I am a very careless person, without a zip, I found that not safe.
  13. I would go with LV DE Neverfull...thats my favorite print out of these 3.
  14. At first, I would go with the Neverfull, but the straps DO get wrinkly very fast. If that bothers you then I'd go with the Gucci. Actually, I think you should get BOTH!!! That is how I would resolve the problem!! :salute: