Anyone have this Fendi Bag-Help please

  1. I am a LV gal at heart but have been looking at Fendi's...they caught my eye as I was passing through Nordstroms.

    I wasn't sure how I felt about this bag until I tried it on.
    I love it as it fits all my stuff for work...including my laptop. I want the large and its only 80.00 more.
    What do you think about this bag. Eluxury calls it the Zucca bag du jour. Nordstroms calls it the zucca satchel.
  2. It's a classic Fendi bag. Zucca is quite durable canvas, as long as you're not dragging it along rough surfaces, it should last you a lifetime. It's a good buy, imo and will never look outdated or overdone.
  3. I love the bag de jour. I will definitely be getting one in the future. Not sure if Jomashop has any left but they had pretty good prices on those bags. I like the nappa version, baglady has a very nice one... :love:
  4. I have the large Dejour bag which I use for overnight travel...However, I must warn you that the bottom of this bag will sag if you carry heavier items...however, I noticed when my daughter carried the medium Dejour bag(with normal handbag items inside) it did not sag at all...It seems to be a very functionable bag...Good luck with your bag search....