Anyone have this fabulous Guccissima?

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  1. Beautiful!!!
  2. Just as I thought, it's gorgeous. I'm so putting it on my list. :smile:
  3. I love this bag! She is def. on my wish list right now for sure:drool: However, I actually think that I'm going to get the black fabric with the traditional web instead of the black guccissima...but I so love guccissima leather too, ugh...such choices... I haven't had a chance to see her in person yet though - I know I'll love her soo much more in person. :yes: Danger to Me!!! (and my DH) ;)
  4. This bag is bee-utiful, I saw it at the Gucci store, but since I just got the Pelham hobo in Black GG Fabric, I pre-ordered the Brown Guccissima one.... won't get it until March/April this year, but well worth the wait, haven't seen the brown one in person nor do I know if the stores have the brown one at all, but I figure you can't go wrong with brown guccissima and such a great price!! I'd say get it, doesn't get much better than that price!