Anyone have this fabulous Guccissima?

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  1. I love this bag and I love the price even more! it's only $800 for the black guccissima! Does anyone have it? I'd love it if my hubby would pick it up for my birthday but he says I don't need another bag. :sad:

    Anyway, I'd love to see pics or modeling pics or hear a review. Like is it secure to close? Do you think it sits nicely on the shoulder? Any info would be helpful!

    Oh, the bag is called the "ladies web hobo" in large (does this mean it comes in small, too? I can't find that one on the website), just in case the link doesn't post right...
  2. SoxFan777, I love this bag. I also would like to see pics if someone has it
  3. I totally forgot I read this thread before. I love the bag. It reminds me of the horsebit chain hobo/med, which I have in black leather. Maybe I should get another style bag to change it up a little. Still debating on this one or sukey.
  4. I purchased this bag this past weekend at Saks in New Orleans and had it shipped to avoid arrived today, before it got here I kept thinking I need to return it.. because for the last two months I have purchased 4 bags.. I am sitting here staring at it now and I know that I have to keep it.. love the style, the look, the leather is soft.... and it fits so comfortably over my shoulder.

    The SA at the Saks I went to told me that they were flying off the shelf.. she had one on display and one brand new one left. For 800.00 this is the best bag for the buck I have ever bought... as I continue to stare at it.... HTH
  5. what color did you get it in, black? It looks like it comes in white, too.
    If you can can you post your pic. Thanks
  6. I have been eyeing the Ladies Web Hobo too, the price is great for a guccisima. I really wanna see this bag IRL.
  7. the pictures and the advice do really help, ladies. my big worry was that it'll be too "slouchy" and perhaps look messy, but I think it looks nice. and you're right, it's a good "bang" for the buck!
  8. Looks good in the pic. I'd love to see it up close though.
  9. woooooooooow! i want to buy is just because of the price! but i'm sure its pretty IRL :yes:
  10. I did get it in black.. I just noticed they added the white one to the site... but it seems to be a smaller version.. I just got a camera this weekend... so I will try to take pictues this evening and post.
  11. They have the brown one on the website but no photos yet...

    Yep, it is a really nice bag.. and great price.
  12. I agree. I can't wait to see more pictures! :smile: Thanks, ladies!
  13. Sorry no modeling pics.. it's late and I am a mess...LOL... but I hope this helps a little bit....

  14. Gorgeous bag! :heart: