Anyone have this dilemma with flats?

  1. I love flats because they can be sexy, fun, and comfy at the same time. BUT when I buy flats the sizing matters so much that I'm scared to buy online. If they are half a size too small, they scrunch up my toes in a very very uncomfortable way. And if they are half a size too big, the heel flops off my feet!! :push: Anyone else have this problem?? Is there something I can buy to stuff the tip? I also recently bought a pair of flats which I know is the right size, but for some odd reason the right heel still flops off my right foot after a few steps? WHY?! :hysteric:
  2. I use the heavenly heels from foot petals when the shoe is slightly too big....and the next size down is too small.
    you can check them out here:
  3. Zappos! free shipping and returns so you can keep sending them back and getting new ones until they fit. this might be a little time consuming, but at least you can get access to lots of styles.
  4. Zappos has too many styles to choose from it makes me dizzy! :wacko: I may think about using the footpetals, but do stores sell them? Has anyone else tried the footpetals? I'm wondering if it would end up making the shoe too small.
  5. I have so many size problems with buying online that I don't do it anymore. I used to wear 6.5. After two babies in three years, I was now wearing a 7. But in Manolo Blahniks, I am 7.5. Today I tried on some Miu Miu and the 6.5 was falling off. I think shoe sizing is so ridiculously subjective. Buying online is risky unless the return is easy and cheap.
  6. Either put dr. scholls in it or you can get padded tapes and put at at the top of the inside of you shoe where you heel hits.
  7. This is one of my biggest problems I have with shoes.I have thin feet and heels and skinny ankles,so shoes slip off all the time and it causes major blisters.:hysteric: I have tried mole skin and tons of bandaids, nothing works.I am going to try looking for the foot petals I think Nordstroms sells them.
  8. I also recommend dr.scholl's heel covers... gel stickers that you apply to the back of the flats so that they:

    1. stick to your feet when you're walking
    2. don't hurt your heels by rubbing friction against them

    I usually go with flats a little looser than tighter... after a few wears, shoes usually stretch out and mold to your foot anyways.
  9. Then wouldn't the shoe get even looser after it stretches out?

    And if I plan to use those heel pads, does it mean I should get my flats half a size bigger to prevent jamming my toes in the front of the shoes?
  10. Unless you're getting a brand AND style that you already have, and know your size, because different manufacturers vary so widely, what you might try is talking first to someone at the store, especially if it's a large one, and arrange to email them a scan of an outline of your foot.

    If you're buying from a shoemaker, they will usually insist you do that!
  11. yeah, this even happens when I buy in store! Like one shoes fits perfectly and the other slips out!! It's so frustrating!! I hope you find the perfect fit!
  12. I just noticed that too sonya! The left is good, but the right heel always pops out. Why oh Why oh Why...
  13. What I mean is that my personal preference is to go looser, I just stuff my shoes with gel insoles and Dr.Scholl's heel pads or foot petals.

    But if you choose to go tighter, then the shoe will still stretch out after a few wears. :yes:

    Hell pads are pretty thin, and you don't need to get bigger flats if you are using them. It just helps to stick the shoes to your feet better (and with more comfort)
  14. I wear flats almost everyday and the problem I have is the heel streching out , the way that I walk casue the middle part of the shoes to strech , this makes my heel flop out

    A trick to get them to strech out is wearing thicker socks with them for a day , it maybe a little uncomfortable but it strechs them out faster
  15. I have exactly the same problem. I usually get the smaller size and try to stretch them a bit at home before leaving the house in them (kinda like what choozen1ne said).