Anyone have this Diamond Stitch..?

  1. I'm thinking of getting this at the next Saks gift card event..I pm'd nightshade (lovely pf'r who graciously chatted w/ me about her bag..she loves hers!!) I saw pics of her bag in the reference library....Just wondering if anyone else here has it or has seen it...Opinions?
    blackchanel2.jpg blackdiamondstitch.jpg
  2. i love this bag! i'm actually gonna get the small red diamond stich tote? Are you getting this bag from Damian?
  3. I think it looks lovely!
  4. what a cute bag!
  5. lol EMMY u already know what i think about it... GO AND GET IT! You definitely won't regret it =p
  6. My friend has it and it's gorgeous! She raves about it. Let us know when you get it..
  7. Yup!!! He said he's sold out in his store..but he's already called his contacts at the other Saks and said not to worry..They're available...OMG my heart just started racing!!!! Somebody save me lol!!! :graucho: I'll post pics when I get it...I've already made up my mind....Thanx everybody for commenting....You enablers have pushed me over the ledge!!!! Thanx for helping me make up my mind!

    Nightshade..You're a doll!!!
  8. congrats emmy! can't wait to see it!
    i am getting the white diamond stitch tote with my reward cards...

  9. :yahoo:Yay EMMY i'm sure u'll LOVE it! do post pics when u get it, can't wait! ;);)