Anyone have this CL Vizu boot?

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  1. Hi-I pulled this pic off ebay for reference but I just ordered the attached in both black & brown-I think it was a complete "impulse" buy but there's something about this boot that appeals to me - I'm wondering if I ordered the right size I've worn anywhere from a 9 to a 10 in CL's - does anyone have these & know how they run? I think I'll get more use from the black pair but here's a pic of the brown - let me know if you all love or hate them - Thankfully theyve got a good return policy!

  2. Personally, I love that shade of Brown on that shoe. It seems to show them off very well. Do you know where they are available?
  3. I have the Vizu in black, and they do run small. I'm usually a 40 or 40.5 in CL and got these in a 41.5 and they fit perfectly. The mesh makes the boot feel a bit fragile when you walk - on first wearing I thought it would rip! - but it's actually quite sturdy. Because the stiletto is placed more under the heel they're pretty easy to walk in (provided you lift your knees like a super model) and they make your leg look gorgeous. Great choice - hope you love them!
  4. i saw a pic of the shoes on
    and it doesnt look too flattering .. it squished the girls ankle
  5. i agree with brian, i find the brown more flattering