Anyone have this Chloe shoulder bag?

  1. never seen this before..very cute,anyone?
  2. Its one of the new bags for fall, saw it in the lookbook.
  3. I love the colour of that bag. None of my Chloe's are really meant for shoulder carry.
  4. It's the new shopping tote - only seen it in pictures. I wonder if the lock makes it heavy? Kinda likin' it though.
  5. I saw this bag iRL yesterday at Nordstroms at UTC in San Diego. They had it in a couple of colors - they had just put them out yesterday morning. They were surprisingly light for a paddy. They were really nice.
  6. Do you remember if they had a chocolate colour one? I have a paddy in whiskey so I'm after a different colour.:biggrin:
  7. I am pretty sure that they did. You could call and check for sure. The number there is (858) 457-4575.
  8. That is very cute! I have a tan regular paddy and I love the color!