Anyone have this Chloe Gold bow clutch from NAP?

  1. Hi gals!:p

    I am thinking of buying this Chloe clutch:drool: fom NAP and I was wondering if any of you have it and could tell me more about it? Is it worth the money? How is the material?

    Thank you so much!
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  2. I love it, too :love: Besides the very high price for this little clutch...I had chance to take a closer look on it in store. I love it :heart: It's really soft and cute because of the pretty bow. I'm waiting/hoping for this bag to get on sale :woohoo:

    I only wonder about the little "strap" on below. What is it for?:confused1:
  3. PS: There's annother version of this bag with chain strap..Saw a pic of it in my catalogue...

    Like the socalled "bean" color of this abg, too. And in fact I would prefer this bag with chain strap. But I haven't seen it in stores yet :crybaby:

  4. I've also seen the clutch version in the store, the leather is really really soft and I think it has a "vintage" look to it. It's adorable but I think I'll prefer the chain strap version, which also seems to be a big larger from the photos...
  5. i love this too, but think its expensive. I would definitely look out for it at sale time tho ;)
  6. It is really expensive for a clutch :crybaby: Normally I wouldn't consider it but this it just sooo :heart:! My head is screaming GETITGETITGETIT :graucho:

    I saw the version with the chain on eBay UK a few weeks ago for less, but I personally don't like the chain-version as much:sad:

    What are the chances of this going on sale soon :p ?

  7. I wondered about that little "strap" too! It looks a little wierd :confused1: Maybe it can be taken off easily?
  8. I have saw this in real life at store here in Edinburgh. The leather is trully trully amazing soooo soft.

    If it goes on sale on NAP I will defo be in there in a shot

  9. Ditto! ;)

    That's if I haven't spent all my money on other things, by then! :rolleyes:

    Gotta love the Fanny! :biggrin:

  10. It's leather lined, though and completely hand stitched; inside and out.

    I think that's why it's the price it is, compared with the cotton twill lined bags. :yes:

    I prefer the clutch, too (I'm a clutch addict!).

    No idea when (or if) it'll go on sale, I'm afraid. :shrugs: Hopefully, by the end of June. :yes: