Anyone have this chanel flap bag?

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  1. Hi all I'm looking at getting my first chanel bag. I was going to go with the black and GHW medium flap but I really like this one too just wondering if anyone has it and any advice for me as I'm new to chanel ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396259885.271109.jpg
  2. Also comes in navy colour ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396261425.463506.jpg
  3. I saw this on display a couple months ago.. I was initially drawn to it because I'm a sucker for chevron (and the lower price tag :graucho:), but when I inspected it I realized that the leather doesn't hold up very well. I've uploaded a pic I took so you can get a better understanding of what I mean.

    I also wasn't a fan of the chain.. There's a tag-like thing attached to the chain, which I imagine would be a hassle when trying to adjust the chain's length.

    Maybe go to the store and try it on yourself? Maybe you'll love it. Or maybe, like me, you'll decide you'd rather add some extra $$ to fund for a classic flap that will stand the test of time! GL!

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  4. Wow the leather dosnt look that great hmm thanks so much for your reply maybe I'm best off waiting to get the black GHW flap instead it is more $$ but think it will be worth it .
  5. Honestly, I would stick to the classic flap, too... Of course you'll spend a lot of extra $$, but believe me: it's worth it!!! A classic flap will hold it's value or even with a chance of increase it... It's timeless and will never go out of style!
  6. I was interested in this bag too because of the chevron. However, when I held it, the leather was very flimsy. Not structured at all like a classic flap. It felt cheaper and not as shiny as the classic leathers. Plus it's more "distressed" looking and I personally don't like that style
  7. Hi
    My mom showed me this bag on the phone on her trip to hong kong and i wasn`t too fond of the quilting. Classic quilt is always the best