Anyone have this please?

  1. I wasn't really looking for a new camera but I saw this one and really like the 'look' of it. However, I'm more interested in the quality of Does anyone have it? Is it a nice camera--takes clear, sharp pictures? Thanks!

    Casio EXZ75BE 7.2MP Digital Camera

  2. If you don't mind me much is it? I have a Canon SD550's about two years old now and I've seen it on eBay for about $250. It's also 7 megapixels and takes awesome shots.
  3. I don't know much about digital cameras but my cousin is an importer and a dealer. He swears by Nikon and Canon - in that order.
  4. Yes, I love Nikon. I have one of the professional ones that is 35mm...LOL Yes, I still like Film cameras too. It's only a year old.

    My digital camera now is a Pentax Optio MX4. It's about 2 years old. I love it because it looks like a small movie camera but I just want a flatter and smaller camera now.
    This is a picture of it from the net:

  5. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go research the canons now. I'll keep you posted when I decide.
  6. I have a lower MP version of this: Nikon Coolpix s7.

  7. ^^Ahhh. Yes, I've seen that one in person before. I think it may have been what I had in mind. The styling of it. I love it. Is it a very good camera? Clear, Sharp pics? Thanks Merika! This is the one that comes in different colors right? I think I've seen it in different colors...
  8. Not sure about the colors. It takes wonderful pics. Very sharp and clear. The only downside that I can see is that the shutter response time is a little long... I have taken pictures with mine and enlarged to 8X10 and the picture quality is pretty good. For example I took the pic on this page in the night, no flash. Usually it's hard to take good pictures under bad light conditions because they come out blurry.
  9. That's a beautiful picture. I think I will have to give this one a try. I'm going to go look at it today at Best Buy, CompUSA or Ritz to get a feel for it. They may have it at Costco also. I may check there. Thanks again!
  10. My friend has the Casio camera and no problems so far... the pics aren't bad... but I have a Canon... and I think Canon is alot better... I just went to the Botanic garden over the wkend for the cherry blossoms and the flowers all came out so amazingly colorful and clear... I have the SD630... it's very small and a big LCD as well...
  11. Im on my thrid casio exilim and they have all been good! Everyone in my boyfs family has them too. I like the slimness of it as my current one S-5000. its ideal for when I go out and dont have a big purse.
  12. I have had four of the Exilim cameras. I somehow broke my 7.2 a few weeks ago and ordered the 10 last week. It takes amazing pictures. They are so clear and sharp! I really love my camera. It is very easy to use as well. I also like the fact that it has an eBay setting on it. Not sure how that is different from my other settings, but cool

    Oh what I DO NOT like about the 10 MP is that the cover for the battery seems to want to open all the time. It is thin so I have to be very careful so that I don't break it off. That would be terrible!
  13. Thanks for everyones input!:heart: I'm still deciding. I really love the look and feel of the Exilim. I went to see a few cameras in person last evening. I am still not I'm going to get it within the next week...whatever I decide on.