Anyone have this Burberry bag?

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  1. I need some help. I love the small grainy leather tote bag. (On Nordstrom, it is listed as the small buffalo leather shoulder bag.)

    Does anyone have this bag in TRENCH? I love the light color, but I am wondering how well it resists stains. My first choice would be the chocolate, but I have way too many brown leather bags. Trench is gorgeous, but I'm afraid I will stain it. Black just seems more sensible, especially since I am buying this bag specifically for a trip. (On planes, I always seem to get the dirtbag next to me who stretches his feet to my side/onto my bag.)

    Any advice would be helpful. Or just opinions as well. Which color would you buy? Thanks!
  2. I don't personally like the style but black seems to be the best choice... would you consider a leather quilted bag? :smile:
  3. Mmm, I think I've decided on the style, just need help with color. It's my first Burberry, so I'm wondering how well the different color leathers hold up.