Anyone have this Bulga?

  1. I like it, but was thinking that the handle might be kind of weird to it? The store is actually local so I could probably go in and check it out but if I don't need to bother then I'll look elsewhere. I'm looking for a good fall everyday bag that I can throw things like handwipes, water, etc in for my son in addition to my usual stuff.

    I don't know if I did the image correctly? - Bulga Studded Handle Hobo in Chocolate

  2. Oh I just saw and handled this bag today. The handle is so soft and comfortable. Its not hard like it looks in pictures and the leather is so squishy and rich. What an amazing deal.
  3. I have to disagree on the amazing deal...this bag was clearance priced at Active Endeavors for $210, a few weeks bag...also at $280 at Rapunzels... It is one of the few Bulgas that I saw at such a steep markdown for the season at a lot of online shops, and I believe it's because of the handle. The handle is why I didn't buy it, even for $210.. I think there's a new version out again this season, saw it on for over $600.
    If the handle is bothering you enough that you mention it, it isn't the right bag to buy...(my opinion). If you decide you must have it, wait it out and see if the price drops again - jcmadison is a little slow in marking their things down.. Good luck!