Anyone have this bebe dress?

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  1. Is it possible for you to go try it on first before you buy it? I don't have that exact dress but I'm also really tiny and I always end up returning or selling any dresses that I get from Bebe because the XS are always too big around the bust, are too long, and just aren't as form-fitting as I would like. It's an adorable dress, though.
  2. thanks for the reply lithium pearl.. actually i cant try on the dress coz i live in india :rolleyes:but my aunt keeps coming down from the states so i was thinking of asking her to buy it.. its such an adorable dress and ive been looking for the perfect little black dress for agess :smile:
  3. I have the same problem with bebe XS. I just recently tried on a dress from there and it was too big in the tummy and rear area. I know it's a hassle, but if you really like it and want to chance it you could always order it and then return it if it didn't work?
  4. i don't have that dress but i have this which looks similar so i'm pretty sure the sizing should be too. i don't own alot of bebe clothes but i always wear XS and sometimes its too big, but i think this one's cut a little bit smaller than usual, so it's not bad.. i guess if it turns out to be too big you can always get it taken in at a tailor?