Anyone have this bag?

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  1. I have seen it....

    it has kinda like a stamped python pattern (not too deep, just slight)... with the princt one it... very shiny/glazed...

    I love the treatment, but the bag is just too small for my everyday life
  2. Thanks Kiki, I guess I'm a bit worried it will look a bit cheap, is it 'plasticy' looking at all? I just love the colour!
  3. not plasticy at all like patent... just glazed so it is not sticky either (if I remember it right)...
    I personally love it... wished they have it in a bigger bag!
  4. agree with kiki in everything she said about the bag...I don't think it looks cheap at all...
  5. i bought this bag from net a porter b4, and i have to return it. it look cheap and feel plastic. I was really disappointed a bag like this was made by MIU MIU!!!
  6. I have seen it IRL, it looks better in the pics. It is very hard. I like my bags soft.
  7. I don't know why but I don't like it. And it looks tiny.