Anyone have this bag?

  1. Looking for a birthday gift for my mother....seems like a good size and style for her as she prefers clean lines. But is this bag heavy or comfy on the shoulder? Anyone have this bag? How's the leather and durability? TIA!!!!

  2. I take it no one has this?? :confused1:
  3. I don't have it, sorry. But I don't think it is too heavy. Can't you try it out in the store first or are you ordering online? I think this is a perfect bag to give to a mom. It looks really timeless and classy :tup:
  4. No place around me has it unfortunately...Saks and NM do not have it in stock...guess I might just take my chances. I can always return it and get another bag instead if she doesn't like it...thx for responding!
  5. sorry i havent seen this bag either!! but good luck and i hope its perfect for your mum
  6. I've tried it in the store and it is not very heavy.
  7. I have not but it is lovely. Do not think that Burberry makes leather bags too heavy. Besides the heavy is caused mostly by the hardware, right?