Anyone have this bag?

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  1. Does anyone have this #11772 in khaki/coal. I don't know how to work the drilldown and it's not on so I can't post a pick. I love it! If someone has it could you please model it and post any pics with your things inside. Thanks in advance!
  2. is this it? wrong color tho!
  3. I love that bag! It is the bigger one right? If it is I saw it at Macys a few weeks ago and it is so cute!
  4. Ya it is the bigger one. That is it! Thanks. Anyone have it? I love it. I saw it today and it seems to have soooo much room. I am going to be returning a bag I never I think I might order this one. BUTTTT I am going to call the outlets first because I think I saw them the last time I was there but they might have been the smaller ones.