anyone have this bag?

  1. I don't have that exact style but I have a similar one (the black one in the front row of the pic). Mine is all leather, but I'm not sure if the larger hobo style ever came in an all leather version. I got mine shipped to me from Bloomingdales in NY when they first came out about 2 years ago, but I doubt Bloomies still has that style. I believe has the black and light brown zucchino versions in stock. Hope this helps. Good luck, it's a great bag!:yes:
  2. thanks! i would love to find it in leather, if its made in not that familiar with fendi, but i'd like to make this one my first :graucho: hehe.
    i'll just keep my eye out for it...btw, does sell real bags? and is that a reasonable price for it?
  3. I have never personally ordered from Jomashop, but I know several people here have ordered Fendi bags from them and they are authentic. If you are considering ordering from them, search the old threads for more info.

    As for price, that price sounds reasonable to me. My smaller all-leather one was about $800 if I remember correctly, so $600 sounds about right for a larger one.
  4. thanks kate! :smile:
  5. You can try the Orlando outlet. I think our outlet in NY sold out.