Anyone have this and/or know the color?

  1. I saw this in the store. Size-wise it's great. But it does not have any zippers, buttons, magnetic closure on top. When you wear on your shoulder, the middle upper part of the bag will sink in....I'm just afraid of losing things that way. But really...I like this style more than the Julie.
  2. I don't know the name but I wanted to get this bag in white but it had glue marks on it so I passed. Boxermom has it in poudre I think. This colour is noce. IMO it's easy to carry as it's very light weight and things are easy to find due to the open top. You close it by flapping the open top above each other.
  3. Yes, the color is Noce. I saw this bag today, but in the F/W green color similar to Biliardo from previous season. It is deerskin, which is very durable and soft, too. Very good as an everyday kinda bag.
  4. I have this bag in Poudre and most of the summer it has been my everyday bag--casual, roomy, and I don't have to baby the leather (deerskin/cervo). As Tanja said, if I don't like the tote look, the flaps fold over, but there isn't a real secure closure. It's deep, so unless you use one or two cases to organize things, stuff will end up in a bit of a jumble at the bottom. there is one zippered pocket inside, along with a cellphone pocket.

    I love this bag and I really like the braided handle BV makes.