Anyone have these new LV wallet on chain?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393788310.681655.jpg

    Hi everyone, anyone here have this new style of LV? Any input will be appreciated. I wound like to know the difference of these particular style compare to Chanel WOC TIA :smile:
  2. These are much smaller than Chanel and the strap is shorter. It really is a wallet with a small chain versus the Chanel, which is small, but can hold a phone plus the essentials.
  3. I have it in Amarante but I don't own the Chanel WOC to compare. In a previous thread there were some users that had trouble removing the chain from the D ring. I didn't have this problem with mine but I guess I was lucky. There was another user that mentioned this item was called back last month not sure if LV fixed it already.
  4. Yes I tried this one on while picking up my preorder items. It is really pretty but not practical. I would rather in this case spend a little more and get the chanel WOC or just get the lv vernis Rossmore pm which both come with a long strap
  5. Thank's for the informations :smile:
  6. Yeah good to know! I thought this would be a good sub for the Ana but I guess not!

  7. Do you like the Ana? Compare to Chanel WOC, what do you think of it?
  8. It's pretty, but I like the Ana more since it comes with an additional strap and the bag is a little bit bigger.