Anyone have these Louboutins?

  1. Does anyone have these CL's or a similar pair? If so, are they comfortable? Did you have to order a size up? I'm normally a 40 in Louboutins.

    Thanks! :nuts:

  2. i don't have those, but I was just looking at them earlier today!!! LOVe them!
  3. I have these and I took 1/2 size larger. But yours look like suede so I'm too sure. Can you order both and return one size later? oh, YES they are comfortable.

  4. Thanks, maxter! Yours are gorgeous :drool:
  5. I have a pair of round toe Louboutins, and I needed a half size larger than usual. Can you ask about the fit?

    Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!
  6. i bought the cork wedge version (but tearfully returned them, i just couldn't swallow the price), and they were quite comfortable. i'd imagine these ones would be the same, just the heel is different material.
    i think i took a 35.5, which is my normal cl size.
  7. That's what I'm thinking - that since they're closed-toe, I'd need a half size larger, so I'd need a 40.5 so my toes won't be cramped. They're on sale at Saks, and the only size available is a 40 :crybaby: Looks like I'll be passing on these. There will be others :graucho:
  8. they run 1/2-1 size small.
  9. Awww...:sad: I hope you find another pair you like!!! If you do, I'm experimenting with Diamond Finish Varathane to keep the soles red--I'll update once I do a test run!
  10. no, very nice though!
  11. I needed to go up an additional 1/2 size for round toes. Im fine with my usual size for pointed toes. :yes: