Anyone have these Chanel sunglasses? Opinions please!

  1. Saw these on anyone have these? any opinions? are they larger lenses? and the logo detail- how does it look irl? are they still available anywhere?

    Oh, and what is the price?

    TIA! :yes:

  2. Oh damn...those are nice!!!!!! I don't have them, but I may have to look into at least trying them on!!!!!!
  3. Darn, I didn't see these but they are niceeeeeeeee!!! Too bad I just bought another pair 2 weeks ago!!Arrghhhhhhhhh
  4. I like that side quilting!
  5. I've never seen these b4!!! Really nice!!!!!!
  6. They are from S/S '07 Act 1

    I did not see them in the designer sunglass boutique (Solstice) near me and asked them about them and they were clueless lol. They have a ton of Chanels but not these- maybe they are too new or not out yet??

    I guess I'll have to call Chanel and inquire about them.

    Here is the style info/descrip from the site in case anyone else is interested as well-

    A33965 X01081 S0187
    oversized wraparound frames w/chanel signature and quilting detail on the temples
  7. Never seen them before...but I LIKE them !!!!!
  8. Cassidy- if anyone, I would have thought you'd be the one to have these! You have so many lovely Chanel sunglasses!:love:
  9. I've seem them and they're gorgeous. Too bad they don't fit me well.....:crybaby:
  10. Yeah I seen these and tried them on- they are the new style 5076's.
    If I had not just gotten 2 new pairs I'd snatch them up immediately.Might even exchange them.
    I i believe they are around 350.00
    look on chanel website
    good luck and if you buy them post pics
  11. Were they larger frames/lenses? What did you not like about them?
  12. Are the lenses on these bigger than on the original 5076's?
  13. i have had them on my face and i like them.
  14. I don't have them but they are really cute!
  15. Very nice!