Anyone have these bags?

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    I really like these two bags....particularly the first one. I want a white bag and i just love Coach's leather. I just purchased the Scarf Print Bag (Ergo) and love it. I also just purchased the white leather skinny mini and am awaiting that.

    Are white bags hard to keep clean. I've always wanted one but this is the only thing that has kept me from buying them.....

    Thanks In Advance!
  2. I have the large hobo in blue/brown. I falls great on the shoulder and stays. As for white bags, I don't think you'll have a problem keeping it clean. I have a legacy shoulder bag in white leather and canvas. I used it a lot over the summer and it's still clean.
  3. Thanks Elongreach,

    Hmmmm....since you have the first bag and I really like that one--would you consider trading the Ergo Scarf Print bag for it...if you were me? I'm thinking about that now. I like the Ergo Scarf Print but don't really like fabric bags and I'm wondering how it will hold up over time. I KNOW the leather bag will last forever. I'm trying to decide if I should keep the Ergo Scarf Print bag or exchange it for the large Hobo. Or Keep the Ergo Print Bag and just buy the large Hobo as well? I want to be sensible though...I will likely use the leather hobo more often realistically. I would probably only carry the Ergo Scarf Print bag a few times......
  4. as long as you love it thats what matters. i also noticed that the fabric bags hold up very well so dont worry too much about that.
  5. Thanks Batgirl. I will keep it. I never return I always go with my first choice usually. I'm so set in my ways and am only now branching out to try fabrics and different colors and My husband said I should keep the Ergo Scarf Print bag. He likes it... So I guess I will. Yes, the fabric seems sturdy enough...I'm sure it will last...afterall it is Coach;).
  6. I have the smaller hobo that is almost exactly like that which came out in 04. I love, love, love it... it was my constant companion for quite sometime, I liked it so much... and it still looks brand new three years later. It's wonderful style and sits on the shoulder well.