Anyone have the Trio Edge bag?

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has the Trio Edge bag? I just came back from trying it on, thinking it was the Trio Oversized bag (I am confused!). I have to say I was disappointed that the Trio Edge's shoulder strap is short (cannot wear crossbody, only as a shoulder bag), though the leather was very nice. Unlike the regular Trio, the Trio Edge interior lining looked to be leather as well-

    It even had a cute outside pocket in the back:smile:

    The removable strap & clasps were a nice feature, so you can wear as a clutch, but the 3 pouches cannot be separated like the regular size.

    In terms of interior space, it fit my long zip-around wallet (in the middle pouch) & lipstick, keys/key chain in another pouch, but really felt like it was clutch-size.

    Anyways, just wanted to hear from others how they are enjoying their Trio Edge bags as sadly, I felt I had to pass on this one.

    Would've been great if the strap was long enough as a crossbody! (BTW, in the US, it was priced @ USD 1950).
  2. I just saw a Edge Trio in real life. I think that is quite a different style from the original trio. Original trio is a casual bag whereas Edge Trio is more elegant. I personal prefer the original trio.
  3. I agree with you, the original trio has a more casual look & the price seems reasonable. I did, however, like the clasps used for the shoulder strap on the Trio Edge, but it really is a shoulder-bag style (or clutch w/o the strap). The leather on the Trio Edge seemed elegant-