Anyone have the Trapeze GM?


What do you think of the Trapeze GM?

  1. Its big and beautiful!!

  2. Not for me.

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  1. I would love to know the pros and cons of this bag.

    I've seen all three colors online and they are all beautiful but I've never seen them in person.

    I've heard some say that the GM is so big that its uncomfy to carry on the arms. but i'm wondering what the general consensus is.

    Also do they wrinkle a lot? If so does it take away from the appeal or look of the bag?

    thanks :smile:

    Also if anyone has a pic modeling the GM on their shoulder I would love love love to see :yes:
  2. Here's a pic of the pink one. I will see if I can find one of the other colors

  3. The grey

  4. LT has the brown too, currently available :nuts:

  5. I had a pink one, then gave it to my sis... It's really cute but the one thing that bugs me are the sides. It doesn't hold it's shape well. They don't stay upright and kinda collapse in the middle. I had no problems carrying it over the shoulder though.
  6. not sure of the pro's or cons I JUST LIKE IT!!!
    I prefer either the pink or brown. more towards the brown
  7. I prefer the PM pink!
  8. My fave is the pink, but the grey and brown are nice too! The GM is too big for me to use daily...but it'd be perfect if I were going on a long flight or something.
  9. For those that don't like the GM please post why? I'm curious to hear.:yes:

    The PM is not an option for me. It seems way too small. Just curious to hear feedback on the GM :p

  10. Thanks for your help. Its good to hear someone say that its ok to carry by the shoulder
  11. I have the pink GM, but I really want the brown one. I saw the one on LT and almost died. I'll ask my sister if she can come over and take modeling pics. =)
  12. Not crazy about the design but LOVE the brown color!

  13. Thanks!!!
  14. I have the GM and I don't think it's too big or uncomfortable...

  15. Do you have pics carrying your bag?