Anyone have the Tiffanys Open Heart Stud Earrings?

  1. I've been looking all over online for photos of someone wearing these to get an idea of the size to no avail. For those who have seen it in person or own a pair, how do you like them and how big are they? Do they hang below the earlobe? Anyone have pics? Thanks in advance. :flowers:
  2. they are pretty small, they do not hang below the ear level. Sorry I dont have a pic but i've seen people wear them. I would say smaller than the size of a pinkie nail?
  3. sorry I think I am talking about the closed heart earrings!
  4. I have these they are pretty small. I heard in the past that they were in a larger size.
    Mine just hit right at the bottom of my ear lobe. I'll try and see if I can get a pic for you some time tomorrow.
  5. Here's some pics! HTH! :flowers:...
    earring1.JPG earring2.JPG earrings3.JPG earrings4.JPG
  6. Yes I have these. I like them alot!! here are some pics :smile:


  7. I used to have the one Clairezk has and loved them. They're not too big at all.
  8. Thanks so much ladies! You are all so helpful! =)
  9. Those are cuuuute!
  10. I have these too. I wear them quite often, and find they are comfortable and simple but pretty.
  11. cute i debated getting these but there were none in stock so i got the return to tiffany heart studs... all such cute fun earrings!!