Anyone have the Tiffany 1837 Silver Bangle?

  1. I recently bought this from someone and I'm wondering if it's authentic. The seller said it was, but didn't have the pouch, box, etc. with it. I'm worried because everything looks fine except the 925 stamp is REALLY light (you can't really tell from her pics, but the bottom especially the "2" is almost invisible it's so lightly stamped.

    These are her pics because I couldn't get closeups with my cam.


  2. I couldn't tell you but I do know there are a ton of fakes out there. Good luck to you.
  3. hmmmmm, i'm not sure that it says 1997 on the inside....I have the really wide 1837 cuff and the earrings, necklace, and wide ring. I'm not sure on this one. I would never buy tiffany on eBay, they say almost all of it is fake
  4. ^ I didn't buy this off eBay but on a site similar to the Purse Forum's MP. The site is strictly against fakes (but I never rely completely on that). A few people replied saying they regret missing it so that makes me think it's NOT fake since no one mentioned suspicious but then again, the shallow stamping of 925 worries me because on the Tiffany site, it looks deeper.

    The 1997 is supposed to be there, though. I checked on the Tiffany website and you can just make it out.
  5. I have one but it is at home right now, I'll try to check for you.
  6. ^ thanks very much!
  7. hmm...i dunno. i'm not brave enough to buy stuff from anyone other than the actual store. i hope it is real though! did you ask the seller for the pouch or box?
  8. Its really hard to tell from a photo. Why dont you go to tiffanys and see the one they have and then compare yours afterwards. See if the weight is the same, of course details too.

    If its real, take it to tiffany customer service and they can re-stamp the 2 for you if it bothers you.
  9. looks real to me. i've got tons of tiffany stuff (bought them all from tiffanys) and i always look at the stamping up close (don't ask why, i just do hehe) and i noticed one of the bracelets (heart clasp) i've gotten recently has that kind of light stamping thing and one of the numbers is kinda faded a little bit.
    but your bracelet/bangle's marking looks all good to me. i mean, the inside 2 does look a little "interesting" but maybe you could ask Tiffanys about authenticity. good luck!
  10. thanks everyone for the help! greatly appreciated. :smile:

    i'm just hesitant to take it into the store because i'm always afraid the sales people will make you feel really cheap for obviously not buying it at a Tiffany store or buying it used. i mean, i personally don't mind but i just don't want others to make me feel like i should, you know? is there any way to inquire about authenticity without setting yourself up for such a situation? i've never done it before. TIA!
  11. I am wearing mine right now and it has everything featured in the posted pics(even 1997). As for the lightly stamped "2", I will say this I have had mine for about 5-6 years and my letters and numbers look the same as the first day they were bought(meaning no wear on the any alpha/numberic script). Hope I was some help:smile:
  12. well, i think you'll never find out unless you do go there and ask about it. maybe you could pay one of your friends to go do it for you who won't mind :p . but as i see it, it looks good to me
  13. ^ that's true...i guess i'll have to suck it up. :oh: now off to come up with a good story for why i'd be asking. :p
  14. You could say an ex-boyfriend gave it to you and you want to know if it's authentic. That way if it's not, he's the one who will look bad. btw, which Tiffany's will you be going to? Someone may be able to get you connected with a good SA who will have a heads up.
  15. If it's on the inside, it could be worn off from wear from the previous owner.