Anyone have the signature duffle?

  1. either 10402 or 10403? How do you like it? IF you have a picture, can you post it?
    I'm loving it in the signature/blue combo...looking at them on eBay...they haev outlet stamps...anyone know how much they are going for at the outlets?

  2. signature duffle 10402


    Medium 10403
  3. I'm no help but I really like that in the blue and I like the medium best! Pretty!
  4. Hi. I just returned the Signature Medium Duffle in khaki/chestnut/mahogany to the outlet yesterday. I was this close to buying the smaller duffle, but they don't have the darker trim at the stores anymore and none at the outlet. Anyway, I like the size of the medium duffle - it holds a LOT, but the drop on the straps was too long for my taste - when worn over the shoulder. To wear that bigger size across body just looks too big, IMO. So....I opted for the new Ergo Signature Hobo instead :graucho:
    If you really want a duffle, I suggest the smaller still holds a lot, but it is more versatile, as it looks better on shoulder and across body....Again, this is just IMHO.:yes:
  5. Purse-o-nality (cute name!) - thanks for your opinion..that was actually one of my concerns...

    hmm...maybe i can convince hubby to stop at the outlet in Lee tomorrow on our way to a hockey game in Albany...I might have to promise sexual favors....hmmm....

    (who am I kidding...he still thinks I have too many handbags...heheh)
  6. Hi,
    I was having the same dilemma a week ago. I ended up getting the bigger one and I really like it. The strap is long either way...but if your are on the taller side you can pull it off. I'm not very tall and I still love it! It's a good looking bag :smile: Hope my blurry pictures help:
  7. Thanks soooo much alohagirl! Love the chocolate color!

    you're right...that strap IS you know if the smaller bag has a shorter strap? (and for reference, how tall are you?)

    (dang that bag is big...looks like you'd be in up to your elbow getting stuff out of it! heheh)
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Wow, the medium one is big! I didn't realize the size, I just thought it looked better in the picture! It's pretty!
  9. No problem! I know how it is when you have to see a bag and there are no pictures;) . I'm 5'4. The strap is quite long....and VERY long when I tried it across the body. It took me an hour to try and configure it.....but I'm slow at that kind of stuff. I still really like the bag, it's a great knock about town bag that I don't have to worry about. I got if for a great price on eBay. I'm not sure if the smaller one has a shorter strap. I really wish Coach made a regular sliding adjustable strap though. If you have more questions...feel free to ask!
  10. Here are the pictures you I promised. Do not mind my unmade bed. I am 5'8". The purse is so feather light and it is on the shortest length it will go.
  11. ^^ Thank you thank you thank you!

    well - dh did NOT stop at the outlet on our way to Albany last night (grr...) and I was WAY too tired to go I'm hoping to hit it next weekend!

    thanks so much to all for the pictures! (that bag looks TOTALLY different on a taller person! )
  12. Yes it is amazing how bags look different with heights. It is really a light bag.
  13. The denim one is very, very hard to come by. I got one by walking in the store and seeing one and only one on the shelf. I wouldn't bother walking in. I would call the outlet and ask.
  14. Cute Janfill, I love that length, I'm about the same height.....Now i want one!