Anyone have the SHOPPING & do you like it?

  1. I'm five feet tall - would it consume me? Pros? Cons? Does it fit comfortably over the shoulder?

    Pics? I checked the visual aids and couldn't find any... :sad:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Good question! I have seen a few on eBay and I like the brown ones I see, but with the open top I wasnt sure if I would like it or not....anyone?
  3. Pictures would be nice. Thanks.
  4. i have one and love it - there are pics somewhere in here. I'll find them and repost them
  5. When I saw Cal's photos of the Shopping, it made me seriously consider this bag. It looks a lot different than I envisioned, for some reason. I rarely zip my bbag, so the Shopping would be a great choice for me.
  6. Thanks Cal! It looks awesome on you!

    I have been torn between the Shopping and the Work for a bag for well... shopping and work! I rarely zip up my bags so an open top does not bother me.

    And YES, I just bought one in black like yours! :yahoo:
  7. I tried on and it is pretty big. If you are only 5' tall if i were you I would try it before I bought it. I am 5'7" and I felt it was just too big for me.
  8. ^^^ I love big bags even though I'm short. hgbags sent me a pic of herself with one on and she looked awesome and she is only 5 feet tall herself! I'm looking to use it as a tote for work and a day at the mall.
  9. Will this style come in the Blue India?
  10. ^^^ I have never even heard of this style until now so I haven't got a clue about Blue India. I know it comes in white and lilac.
  11. Yay Addicted! I'm 5'10' so don't think the bag's too big at all (for me) - post pics when you get it! Congrats!
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