Anyone have the Saumur?

  1. I want a messenger-type style next...

    does anyone own a Saumur? Any opinions.....?
  2. I dont own it but I dont see many ladies around here carry about the reporter? Or a musette?
  3. i think the mini lin saumur xl loos pretty good
  4. I don't see the suamur a lot, I think you should consider what bagluvluv said about the musette. I think it looks better than the saumur.
  5. i have the samur and the large musette. i prefer the musette. easier on the shoulder. but the samur is really cute and different.... ummm... no i like them both. i'm not really helping am i?:love:
  6. I don´t have it but I absolutely love the shape!!
  7. i think the musette's design looks better
  8. I agree, it's too cute!
  9. I've never seen... anyone have a pic? Looked for it on elux - no luck!
  10. me too... I think it's very unique. I've never seen anyone carrying this around here... makes me want to get it even more! Plus, wouldn't the Saumur hold much more than the Musette? The Musette is cute but doesn't seem like it would hold much since it's a flat bag...
  11. love it
  12. pinkyx13: for the samur on eluxury, if your talking about the classic monogram style and not the mini lin, go to luggage, that is where the mono samur is located on the website.
  13. The Saumur definitely holds more than a Musette. I love the shape. I think the only downfall is that you may forget which side of the bag holds what.
  14. I've looked at it and think it's cute, but I thought that the strap to get in the bag would bug me.

    I just bought the messenger bosphore pm and I really like that....