Anyone have the satin items?

  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a Black Satin Louis Vuitton, the mini alma...

    Does anyone have pictures? I tried searching in the picture area but wasn't able to.

    Thanks :love:
  2. The Mini Alma

  3. Hi POufiasse...

    is it REALLY really tiny?... do you own one?
  4. I have the black satin mini bucket. It's not big but it's good for a night out.
  5. here's a pic of it along with my once owned mini satin papillon
  6. mas2388 - OMG, those items are tdf! I want them now!
  7. Those are fab.
  8. awww.. mas those are SO CUTE!! I use to own the shoulder style in black.. *forgot the name*.. i sold it now i want somthing in the SATIN line...

    Yeah it'll be perfect for a night out... that's why i wanted one!!

    thanks Mas for thep photos... do you know if they are the similar sizes? (alma & your satins bags?)
  9. Cute Satin Papillon! Thx for the pics. And eping, hope you find what your looking for! :yes:
  10. Wow, I've never seen the satin papillon before, it's so cute!
    Ping...MORE LV?!?!?!
  11. wow, i didn't know these lv items existed!!! so adorable! how much is the satin alma? it's too cute!
  12. eping - these are TINY. the width are about the size of an average hand. just search ebay for the items and often times you'll find some reference pictures... or you can see how big the item is compared to the seller's hand when they open it or something.

    milodrinker - the price range for the satin was $650 - $800 though I cant remember the alma price.
  13. I posted this week ago, you can see sizes and colours available of all models. It is now discountinued line.
    satin1.JPG satin2.JPG
  14. omg these are sooo cute!!