Anyone have The Sak Dakota Shopper?


Dec 5, 2009
Vancouver, BC
Has anyone seen or used this bag?

I like how it has the longer strap option and was wondering if it would work to wear cross-body. I'm 5'2", 110 lbs.

Was also wondering if the leather is as soft and smooshy as the leather on the Silverlake bags?

Did anyone ever answer you? I have this exact bag in black. LOVE this bag and yes, xbody works easy. I'm just doing a big permanent bag and shoe purge and dug this bag up. I'm not giving her away though. She's in great condition and if it pours all weekend, I will just carry this.

Actually, I wound up buying several The Sak bags from the Dakota collection...I went overboard but I kept the black Dakota shopper :biggrin:

I wish The Sak would reissue this bag!