Anyone have "The Purse" Do these doublestraps fit over shoulder?

  1. Love these bags!

    Hi! NO trading, selling or buying here!!!
  2. yes, that's the purse. there's a navy one on ebay right now (check the ebay thread).

    voula, sorry, but I'm not sure if you can post trades on this forum. you might want to ask one of the administrators.
  3. Dear Swaky Mama of Three

    Sorry, I am new to this site.
    Any input on the Purse?
    How it fits on body??
  4. I've seen on other threads that the Purse does fit over the shoulder. You might want to do a search in this forum for Purse to find PF member pictures.
  5. Yes, it does fit over the shoulder. I personally would like a little more room but it's not too snug, and would probably be very comfortable for those on the more petite side.
  6. No, I don't own any B-Bags. . .
    just had to edit your post. We're just V E R Y strict about there being absolutely no selling, trading or buying here.
  7. I thought the straps were quite tight on me and I'm not a huge person. 5'4 125lbs
  8. welcome to TPF Voula & our crazy b-bag universe :P...i think the purse style fits really comfortably on your shoulder (with lots of room to spare), but i'm really petite too:girlsigh:
  9. I have a caramel Purse and it fits on my shoulder.