Anyone have the purple gathered zip around wallet yet?

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  1. Has anyone bought the new purple gathered zip around wallet yet? I'm dying to see it IRL. I'm thinking of getting it tomorrow when I go pick up my Hamptons Hobo. I'm so in love with the pictures online. I'm just curious how the shade of purple compares to the pictures. We all know that Coach isn't great with the DD pictures. :P
  2. I think baglady posted a couple pics of it today in the Fall 2010 thread! At least I think it was the purple...

  3. Oops!...posted at the same time.:smile:
  4. The purple is GORGEOUS. The pictures are quite similar to how it looks IRL. It's such a different colour of purple for Coach. I almost bought it but the black looked better with the bag I wanted.
  5. Thanks ladies! I completely forgot about her pictures. I LOVE this wallet. Those are great photos. I agree that it is a different purple for Coach. It has more blue in it, I think. Either way, I'm in love. I've never spent this much money on a wallet. But I may have to this time. It's sooo pretty. And classic.
  6. Oh, you should definitely get it! Mine just arrived today (I got the black one) and I love it! It's really beautiful! The purple looks very lovely, too!