Anyone have the PS1 Small Zip Wallet?

  1. Hello,

    I have a Balenciaga wallet like the below link, BAL has stopped making this style and the PS1 Small Zip Wallet is the closest thing I can find to the BAL. Does anyone have this wallet? I looked in the reference thread and didn't see anything. If you have one can you post some pictures and tell me how you like it?? Much appreciated! :smile:

    BAL Wallet

    PS1 Wallet
  2. i wanna know too.....anyone?
  3. I have the citron small zip wallet and I love it I was going to sell for a bal wallet but I could not do it. It holds so much to be so little and is super cute. And the color just pops Here are a few pics

  4. Cute wallet!
  5. thanks for sharing!!!! definitely getting one
  6. I am obsessed with mine in "Orchid" so much so, that sometimes I try and convince myself I need another one in a different colour :biggrin: holds more than you would think.
  7. I really liked this wallet IRL. Actually online, I thought I would like the large zip wallet better but I honestly think this might actually hold more! Very cute and very tempting.
  8. Sorry for my delayed response! Thank you so much for the pictures!! I think I am going to get the wallet. :biggrin: