Anyone have the Poppy Bella Sparkle Leather Tote?

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  1. I saw it at the outlet and wish I would have got it now. I think it will be cute for Spring. I am already thinking about Spring. lol Anyone have it? How is it holding up? The leather was so pretty in person.
  2. oh and what was the regular price? I didn't check.
  3. I have both the Bella sparkle and Bella black leather totes. They were $328 each full-price. I am very, very hard on my bags and the sparkle leather is holding up like a champ, as is the stitching, hardware, etc.
  4. Good to know! I love the way the sparkle leather looks. I wish I would not have passed it up at the outlet. Might have to resort to ebay now!
  5. I have seen them go pretty cheap on ebay. I love that bag....the pink detailing with the sparkle leather is really nice looking.
  6. I agree. It's SO pretty. Well wish me luck! I can't bid on any right now because I am on ban until I save up enough! lol I did see some going for 140 nwt or 160ish nwt which I think is a good deal.
  7. I hear that! I am stalking a couple items as well. GL!
  8. I do, I do! I love that bag! It's so shimmery and perks up any dull day! I paid $98 for mine at Dillard's a month ago. :biggrin: I think if you find one for the right price, go for it! I was scared to use her, too, but some lovlies here told me that I should take her out and use her because she holds up better than people say.
  9. Wow you scored a great deal! I doubt I will be that lucky but I am going to keep looking!
  10. I don't have the sparkle leather but I do have the black siggy. I think this bag is soooooo versatile and comes in very handy. I hope you get one and yes, it would be very cute for spring!!!
  11. i got this bag for about 150 on ebay this summer! I absolutely love it! i have noticed that on the back side of the bag it looks a little dirty from where my jeans might have rubbed against it. It's probably not noticable to anyone but me, but it still makes me think twice about where i take her!