Anyone have the Platform Knee boot ???

  1. I have them in black suede, the alta ariella boots, pictures below. I had to get a full size up but they are extremely comfortable. They do have a narrow shaft, I am 12 inches at the widest part of my calves and they are snug.

  2. thank you so much for the pics ledaatomica!! they look so SEXY!!! i didnt' know they have them in suede!!! are they the same price as the leather or cheaper..also where did you find the suede version at? did you order them online or @ Saks?

    also, you can't tuck some jeans under the boots since they are snug huh? unless they were capris or tights or something ? Sorry for all the questions!!! thanks again!!!!!!
  3. I have them in black but haven't actually worn them anywhere but in my house yet. I have pics in the post pics of your CLs thread. I'm 5'0." They don't seem too uncomfortable but I haven't worn them but just to try them on and take pics yet. I think you might be able to tuck jeans into them, but I don't have any skinny jeans so I don't know for sure.
  4. The suede are the same price. I bought them from Bergdorfs over the phone from my SA there. I can tuck them in lighter fabric pants. Sorry I dont own any jeans to know if that would work, but I doubt it. I was wearing them tonight when I went out with a pencil skirt and was brave enough to wear them in the snow .. they survived quite well!
  5. they look great on you! so why haven't you worn them out yet! [: yeah it seems like i wouldnt be able to tuck any jeans in them....
  6. I plan to wear them tomorrow. I just haven't had a chance to wear them yet for one reason or another.
  7. IMO, Chanel, CL and Chloe do have the best boots i've ever seen. i ABSOLUTELY love these, they are must haves! if only i was still living in paris.. acks!!!
  8. I'd love to see more modeling pics of these ... the covered platform and seam down the middle had me thinking I didn't like them.

    Convert me. I'm being tempted by the overpriced Bourge on eBay right now ...
  9. I wore them out for the first time today. I think they would have been more comfortable if I'd worn some socks or pads inside of them, but overall they weren't bad at all. I ordered a 6 and I think it might be a little too roomy for me so my feet sort of slip around a little inside.

    And after wearing them today I do think they are too tight for those who want to tuck jeans in unless your calves are extremely skinny, and mine are pretty small. I wore them with tights under a skirt and they were pretty fitted when I zipped them up.
  10. Today I wore mine again but with socks instead of just tights. That helped because my feet didn't have as much room to slip around like when just wearing tights. I wore them to work and had no problem. Then I wore them to the mall and then to Whole Foods and when I got home my feet hurt. So they aren't painful if you aren't doing a lot of walking/standing, but I wouldn't wear them when you have to walk or stand for a long period of time. I might try them with pads though.