Anyone have the Passport or Photo Books?

  1. I've seen them on eBay and wondered how nice they are in person. I really need a photo book that will slip in my purse and the passport holder would be nice too.

    Does anyone have either of them? Are they slim? Do they hold up well?
  2. I don't own either, but my outlet carried them. They held up pretty well. The passport holders would sell out as quick as we could get them in, and the photo albums would too. I thought they were nice. Good Coach leather and all.
  3. I have a photo book. Its the one w/ 2 slots for photos about 4x3.

    I bought it for DH to keep at work. Its leather and very sturdy! I got mine NWT on eBay for $15 w/ shipping!

    I continually look for more, as they are awesome gifts. But they are rare on eBay! No outlets/boutiques near me!
  4. I really want the passport holder for my trip this month.
  5. I have the passport holder which I bought at the outlet in Orlando (the one with the Fendi,Dior,Tods outlets). They had it in lilac, black and beige. It's pretty good, I don't really handle it that much.
  6. I have a green/white passport holder. it is nice, but was kind of a pain when I traveled because I had to take it out to hand it to anyone. I'm looking into getting a wallet big enough to fit it instead.