Anyone have the Pallas wallet ? Need suggestions :)

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  1. Hi Everyone !!! Hoping to get some opinions on this wallet . I saw the Pallas wallet in Noir yesterday and thought it was very beautiful ! However , I am not keen on the price
    Anyone who owns this wallet or seen it , Do you think its worth it ? Any issues ? Hows the wear ? I currently own a Sarah and a zcp both in mono . Am looking for something bigger to hold my store cards :smile: Thanks !!!
  2. A friend of mine has it. She chose the one with red interior. It's absolutely stunning! Sorry can't personally vouch for wear and tear but I could ask her how hers is holding up. Here is a pic she shared with me when I was in the market for one ...

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  3. I am using Pallas wallet in Cerise color. I love it so much. It s worth every penny. Go for it :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462280387.847671.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462280491.172342.jpg
  4. Thank you for the reply !! Yes ask her !! Would love to hear her thoughts :smile: This would be a big help . Thanks again :smile:
  5. Thank you for posting !!!! How long have you had your Pallas wallet for ? Do you carry everything with you at once in your purse ? Meaning all the slg's also you listed in the photo ?
  6. Sure, I'll ask her over the weekend and update. Price aside, it's such a beautiful unique piece, I've added it to my wish list (pending feedback) too :lol:
  7. I don't own this wallet but I am loving the compact version… it still holds 14 cards. Did you check that one out? I believe the price is 860, so a little less that the full version. The Pallas Compact (in Cerise) is next on my wish list! Good luck deciding. :smile:
  8. I had the full size and found it bulky. I sold it and purchased the compact which is now my favorite wallet. Holds so much!!! There are 2 slots under the coin flap which is an added bonus.
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