Anyone have the "orange" city?

  1. I'm not sure what the color is called, it's like a burnt orange color. Sorry I don't have a pic..
  2. Gosh, I don't know. I found a small color sample but not sure if you can tell anything by it.
  3. i think the orange has silver/pewter hardware the picture has brass maybe thats the rouille of s/s 06
  4. Thanks ladies, I'm guessing it's the Rouille!
  5. I Have the Rouille is actually really beautiful
  6. I like orange bags. I think they really pop an outfit. I think that's why so many ladies here love the LV mandarin!:amuse:
  7. My friend has an older bag about the color of the swatch that she calls pumpkin color. Quite a beauty.
  8. Just saw a rouille first at NM at Garden State Plaza, nj. It was stunning and the leather was comparable to my indigo (05) first!! No veiny or distressed look, just soft and supple leather.
  9. Ooh, I saw a lady w/ the old orange, it is so beautiful.

    It's pretty rare to see one nowadays, and chances are it'll be pretty worn in if you do. The color holds up amazingly well, though (at least in the one I saw)

    You might keep checking eBay to see if it turns up if that is the one you like?
  10. Actually, I would love to find a Rouille Twiggy instead of a City. I really like this color! Anyone seen one around?! I saw an earlier post & pics by Ashleyby & fell in love with it!:love:
  11. i think its such a wonderful colour! i'm not too sure if i'd have it in my collection BUT its just so WOW!
  12. There are several I want but I have to pace myself:P I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want now!
  13. LOL its the B-bug addiction :lol: Totally understand what you mean!