Anyone have the OCt issue of INSTYLE? Heel strap??

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  1. OMG i am going crazy trying to figure out the name of this product and its website...

    While I was getting my hair color done yesterday, I was flipping through Instyle (oct i believe) and came across this little section about a removable heel strap in different colors that you can attach to to your slides that are uncomfortable to wear and need more support?

    Does anyone know what I am talking about or anyone have this magazine.

    It's driving me crazy...maybe it was in Bazaar? Ugh, *sigh*

  2. are you talking about the slip on straps that can be attached to make mules slingbacks? If yes, I have it written down somewhere. I'll go look. PM me if I forget. I wanted to order them too:graucho:
  3. Yes thats exactly what I am talking about!! I thought that would be a great thing to have...thanks!!
  4. I thought that was a great idea, too. I actually ripped the page out of my magazine and it's sitting right here.

    The website is It says they're $10...what a deal!
  5. Fantastic share! I don't own slides because they change the way a woman walks, and not for the better. But now...!
  6. Thank you everyone!! yay!! it was driving me crazy!